Major League Baseball begins today with the first pitch of Opening Day.  Oops… the season actually started last week in Japan with a game between the Athletics and the Mariners.  Do you know that?  Do you care?

Finding a way to mess things up is common for MLB.  For all of the good things they do, they just can’t help themselves with common errors.  These mistakes are as frustrating as watching a player on your favorite team make an error in the 9th inning that causes a loss.

Having two Opening Days isn’t the only way MLB misplays the start of the season.  They take things one step further by having teams play a one-game series like the Cardinals and the Marlins or have teams play one game of a three-game series, take a day off then resume the series like the Indians and the Blue Jays.  The idiocy of this series is that the first game is on Thursday, the day off is Friday and the series concludes on Saturday and Sunday.

Killing a Friday night ticket-selling opportunity is ridiculous, especially on the Opening Week of the season.  I couldn’t find anything huge happening in Toronto on Friday that would keep MLB from wanting to compete for attention. Toronto may not be the best example, but the following teams are forced to do the same thing: Marlins-Reds, Braves-Mets, RedSox-Tigers, National-Cubs, Phillies-Pirates.  This is nonsense.  Once again, MLB found a way to dampen a premium opportunity for exposure.

The highlight of Opening Day in the United Sates of MLB’s Opening Month is the Cardinals visiting the new stadium in Miami.  Reports have described this stadium as a unique spectacle that every baseball fan should visit.  While traditionalists will be appalled by things like the two 450 gallon tropical fish tanks behind home plate and the home run thing in center field, everyone should see this place.  Here’s a story from describing and showing the features of Marlins Park.

The rest of Opening Month will bring us the much anticipated change of scenery for Albert Pujols.  I’ll be following El Hombre and writing blogs about him throughout 2012.  Be sure to follow and @MakinThePlay for your Pujols updates.

As always, I and the other bloggers will be providing thoughts and insight on the Cardinals and Indians.  Both teams have a lot of unanswered questions.  While I have faith in the Cardinals, the Indians appear to be a long shot to make the playoffs.  However, the new Wild Card format may give them a chance.   Obviously, there are many more specifics to discuss regarding these two teams as the enter 2012.  Those blogs will follow.  As for now, enjoy Marlins park.  The game starts at 7:05 ET on ESPN.