As the second full week of NBA action rolls, I’m still drawn to the action and story lines.  This may happen all season long, so MakinThePlay just may bee your place for tidbits each Thursday.

Super Steal & Finish

If you didn’t see Gordon Hayward block Kobe’s shot and take the ball to the other end of the court for a dunk, you must check out this link.  This play sums up the season for the Lakers.

For those of you wondering who Hayward is – He’s the dude from Butler.


That’s not Dwight Howard’s stat from the free throw line last night.  He actually was better with a 5-12 showing.

Rather, 1-4 is the record that the Lakers have after last night’s 95-86 loss to the Jazz.  Per last night’s broadcast, it’s the worst start to a season since 1993-1994.  That’s the pre-Kobe era.

A few more losses and we will be in the Post-Mike Brown era.  I don’t think Brown deserves to be fired.  With Steve Nash injured, the Lakers have little chance of becoming a team that can compete for a championship.


Speaking of competing for a championship, the Spurs are now 4-1 after their first loss of the season last night at the hands of the Clippers 106-84.  At this point, I think the Spurs are on a similar path as last year.  They will win a lot of games, perhaps even the most in the Western Conference, but I don’t think they’ll have the legs to make it to the NBA Finals.


If you haven’t been paying attention, you may be shocked to learn that the Knicks are undefeated.  Granted, it’s only three games, but any news like this is great news for New York.  They don’t play again until Friday, so they should be well rested for the game at home against the Mavericks.


It was “Pick Your Own Seat Night” in New Orleans, Atlanta and Charlotte.  There were of plenty of good seats available.

New Orleans

After watching some of the Hornets game, I saw why there were a lot of empty seats.  Anthony Davis didn’t play with his concussion issue, and without him, there is no reason to watch New Orleans.  Davis’ teammates scored a franchise-low 62 points.  Their opponent, the 76ers, only scored 77.  It was a brutal match-up for ESPN to televise.

Colorado Law

It’s now legal to smoke marijuana in Colorado.  SO, that state is about to get real laid back.  You’ve probably heard all of the good NBA jokes by now, so I’ll refrain from making one.

Regardless of the legal status of chronic, the NBA will still consider it a banned substance.  Here’s an article from the Denver Post about the issue.  This may become the biggest item for David Stern will have to handle prior to his retirement.


I’m not sure of the CAVS will be worth writing about each week, as they won’t be contending for a title.  With the loss of Anderson Verajao (knee) and Tyson Zeller (cheekbone) “indefinitely,” things could get ugly in Cleveland.

By the way, I don’t like the wine and gold uniforms.