Segment 1

We had a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT, but first we talked about the weather.  We learned before the show that Mississippi River Radio / SEMO ESPN 92.9 does NOT want MakinThePlay on the air anymore.

Otto Porter may be ready to play this week.

Segment 2

The Seahawks were 7-9 in each of their first two seasons following Pete Carroll taking over, and now, they are a Super Bowl contender.  Will the Rams have the same success under Jeff Fisher?  Who should be #1 right now in the BCS Standings?

We talk Blues with Pete Campanella.

Segment 3

We continue our discussion with Pete.  Rob doesn’t think “Blues,” when he sees #LGB on Twitter.

Segment 4

A listener found us today for the first time… Our last show on SEMO ESPN 92.9…

Segment 5

This may be the beginning of our last hour on SEMO ESPN.  That became our big announcement, BUT the big announcement was going to be that Southeast Missouri State University Athletic Director Mark Alnutt was going to join us on Thursday.

Would Gary Pinkel leave MIZZOU?  An Alabama fan wrote an open letter to MIZZOU fans.

Segment 6

Who deserves to be #1 in the BCS?  We reviewed the strength of schedules of the top teams.  Listener Matthew shares his thoughts about us no longer being on SEMO ESPN and the BCS.

Segment 7

The Cardinals are remaining busy after the signing of Johnny Peralta.  John Axford was busy on Twitter looking for a new job.  We have a preview of a Christmas album from an angry Browns fan.

Segment 8

How are Jameis Winston and Sam Bradford connected?  Rob discusses the talk show.