Where were you?  That is the question that will be asked not twenty… not thirty… not forty… not fifty… years from now.  That question will be asked forever in Northeastern Ohio.

Just as I vividly remember where I was when The Drive, The Fumble, The Shot, The Move, The World Series in 1995 & 1997 and The Decision all occurred, I will never forget where I was, when LeBron James revealed “I’m Coming Home.

Until yesterday, I didn’t realize how much I cared about LeBron returning to the Cavaliers.  The emotions I felt at the exact moment and those that followed as I read his essay were shockingly overwhelming.

I guess I’m more traumatized by the failures of Cleveland sports than I realized, especially The Shot.  I was at that game.  I was close enough to the floor to watch it happen in real-time slow motion.  To this day, I see the action and hear the silence in The Coliseum.

While I was upset that LeBron left in 2010, I wasn’t angry at him.  I hated his method of informing everyone, but I understood his reasons for departing.

I didn’t think I cared to have him back.  He left, and it was time for new chapter in Cleveland sports history.  As it turns out, I did want him back.  I needed him back.  All of us from Northeastern Ohio needed him back.

LeBron’s essay explains everything.  His return transcends basketball and sports.  His words are not shallow.  They are deep and meaningful.

LeBron is real.  He is Northeastern Ohio.  He is Akron.  He is us.

The Prodigal King returns to a different team and a different fan base.  Both His Majesty and his loyal subjects are more mature.  Both want and need a championship for Northeastern Ohio more than anyone in any other part of the country can imagine.

The completion of the journey that ends with a Larry O’Brien Trophy will not be easy.  The CAVS have a great nucleus, but the players have a lot to learn from LeBron in order to reach the pinnacle of professional basketball.

However, everything is different now.  The King is greater.  His inner circle (on and off the court) is better.  The loyal subjects have no doubts about their leader.

There is a lot of hard work ahead for the CAVS, but for now they and the city of Cleveland need to rejoice…

The Prodigal King Has Returned!