STL NFL Stadim - 1Yesterday morning, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon held his second press conference in as many weeks to announce another wave of good news regarding the STLNFL Stadium.

An agreement with construction unions will provide a potential $45,000,000 in savings and speed up the completion of the future home of professional football (and soccer) in St. Louis by 44 weeks. This will be accomplished through three, eight-hour shifts by the men and women who will hopefully be given the task of making what we see in sketches and computer-generated models a reality.

The momentum of the STLNFL Stadium is incredible. The latest declaration provided me with plenty to write and discuss… Then…

Last night, the Chargers and Raiders crashed Stan Kroenke’s Los Angeles party in true Al Davis fashion. The teams proclaimed they are working with Carson2gether on a joint stadium project in Carson, California.

Boom! A new California Gold Rush is on!

The two AFC West opponents want to welcome the NFL back to L.A. with a $1,700,000,000 home that would be privately funded. Let that sink in.


It appears The Wild West is re-emerging, as the Spanos and Davis families are certainly not conceding the City of Angels to Kroenke. The Chargers and Raiders released a joint statement stating, among other things:

  • They will continue to work in San Diego and Oakland throughout 2015 to find stadium solutions.
  • The NFL was aware of Carson2gether prior to yesterday.
  • They respect the right of the owners to determine the Los Angeles solution.

Rams Cancel St. Louis Fan Fest, Cancer Fundraiser & Other Events

As if the stadium stories in St. Louis and Los Angeles aren’t enough for one day, Ryan Van Bibber of SB Nation reported that the Rams canceled Fan Fest and Cheer For A Cure breast cancer fundraiser as well as other season ticket holder events.

Fan Fest was held in August at the Edward Jones Dome and allowed fans special access to the team, players and facility on the day of a scrimmage. It was attended by approximately 15,000 people last year.

Cheer For A Cure was held each October and provided former Rams cheerleaders and girls ages 3-14 the opportunity to cheer on the field during a game. According to the Rams, the event raised more than $49,000 in the last three years,  as participants donated $250 each to join in the festivities.

Kevin Demoff, Rams COO, was on Twitter yesterday defending the cancellations as a refocusing of fan engagement with a different Fan Fest being discussed. However, as of the posting of this article, no official statement has been made by the team.