We spent the early part of last season making fun of the Rams for #SackCity, as the defense accumulated only one sack in the first five games. This year, we had nothing to criticize following an impressive Week 1 win over the Seahawks that included highlights for the defense (6 sacks), offense and special teams.

Heading into yesterday’s game against the Redskins, the Rams were feeling proud and ready to collect a second consecutive win to begin a season for the first time since 2001. Instead, play typical of the Decade Of Decadence was witnessed against the Redskins in yet another embarrassing loss.

I guess the hype of last week was to much for the “young” Rams to handle, who apparently thought the Redskins would lay down for them. Add that to the offensive play calling, and the overall lackluster performance resulted in a 24-10 loss.

Six Is A Serious Number

It’s bad at any level for a team to give up six yards per carry. In the NFL, that is rarely seen. Yesterday, the Rams eclipsed six, as they allowed rookie Matt Jones to rush 19 times for 123 yards. That equates to 6.47 yards per carry. Plus, Jones visited the end zone twice. He also lit up Alec Ogletree on one carry.

Mob Squad

Throughout the week we heard about the “Mob Squad.” This is the nickname for the defensive line. Fans couldn’t get enough of this after the win over the Seahawks and were clamoring for t-shirts like those worn by the players. The Rams are set to fill this demand, as the shirts will be sold at the dome next week. Expect demand to dwindle. With the loss yesterday, the dome will have fewer fans than expected.

I know the nickname refers to a flock of Rams, but I changed the moniker yesterday. With the Rams giving up a total of 182 yards rushing (53 from Alfred Morris) and allowing Kurt Cousins to complete 85% of his passes, the phrase referring to La Cosa Nostra seems more appropriate. The Rams defense treated the Redskins offense like “Friends of Ours.”

I also referenced “Mop Squad,” since Washington cleaned the field with St. Louis.

Copy & Paste

Jared Cook dropped a pass. Janoris Jenkins was beat by a receiver. Those two sentences were repeated multiple times yesterday. Not to be outdone was offensive coordinator Frank Cignetti. He chose to continue the madness of running Tavon Austin between the tackles. It’s inexcusable that he can’t determine how to best use Austin. I lost track of how many times the wide receiver was given the ball in the backfield.

As I’ve written before and will surely write again, Austin’s unnecessarily high draft position has forced the Rams to use him beyond his means. He has talent and can be an incredible spark for the offense, but the Rams can’t get the right mix of Austin and the rest of the receivers. He had 4 carries for 40 yards and 1 reception for 6 yards yesterday. Those 40 yards led the team in rushing.

Sam Bradford  Nick Foles

Throws down field and control of the game were on display against Seattle by Nick Foles. In Washington, Foles looked like his trade counterpart, Sam Bradford. The new St. Louis quarterback finished 17-32 with 150 yards (ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY YARDS) passing and 1 touchdown. Much of the blame belongs to Cignetti, but Foles can’t be a roller coaster quarterback, who may or may not have a high ankle sprain.

Offensive Line

The line in front of Foles was truly offensive. Their youth showed, which is a little surprising after their performance in Week 1. The Seahawks are much better on defense than the Redskins, yet the latter manhandled the Rams up front.

St. Louis totaled 67 yards rushing on 13 carries, one carry each from Foles (1 yard) and Cunningham (0 yards). The return of Tre Mason was a bust, as he finished with 26 yards on 7 carries. WHEEEEE!

Now What?

I suppose the loss shouldn’t have been a surprise. Nothing in Jeff Fisher’s previous three seasons reveal he’s capable of maintaining momentum and leading the Rams to being legitimate contenders.

A win yesterday would have filled the dome this Sunday for a tough game against the Steelers. Instead, I’m anticipating empty seats allowing Pittsburgh fans to be heard clearly.

I think the Rams can win, but it will take a better overall performance than Week 1. Should a loss happen, think about this: The next two games are at Green Bay and at Arizona. Greetings 1-4 heading into the Bye Week.

 Around The Horns

  • Brian Quick was inactive again. The Rams had one pass play over 15 yards, which was the Kenny Britt touchdown.
  • Britt was flagged for taunting after his touchdown, but the refs need to give him some leeway.
  • The Rams were 2-12 on third downs.
  • Yellow flags were plentiful for St. Louis, so that was back to normal. The Rams were called for 9 penalties that totaled 80 yards.
  • At the half, the Redskins outgained the Rams 239-72. St. Louis finished with 212.
  • I’m expecting the Todd Gurley talk to heat up this week. Even if he is the next Eric Dickerson, he won’t gain many yards with the offensive line playing like it did and similar play calling.